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Fashion brand Pazolini specializes in the production of footwear, bags and accessories of medium and medium high. The collection of the brand is created by a creative team led by art director Lee Wood. At the heart of the development of new models are topical podium trends, Italian quality traditions and manual labor of experienced masters. Style Pazolini is a classic, marked by bright accents. Thoughtful gamma, luxurious gilt fittings, inserts from satin and silicone harmoniously complement the models from the collections of the brand. The details in the Pazolini design play a decisive role and create the right mood. In seasonal fashion collections Pazolini presents a wide range of shoes, bags and accessories for every occasion: comfortable and stylish everyday models for men and women, solemn - for social events and parties. A thoughtful image is defined by small things, brand stylists believe, and offer to experiment with belts and silk shawls, changing the mood of the "bow". The brand focuses on the highest quality of products: in collections use natural leather, suede, flawless metal fittings, first-class silk. Pazolini allows you to create luxurious elegant images, marked by a special glamor - the collection of the brand is created for modern men and women who appreciate the classics and quality, and also follow the fashion. There is a bonus program "Club card Pazolini" in stores: when you buy, you get a memory card, which you can also check out when registering on the site, and then get it in the store. The bonus system allows you to get 10 UAH for every 100 UAH spent on goods from the new collection, and 5 UAH - when buying any other goods. Bonuses can be used for subsequent purchases, paying them no more than 50% of the retail price of products. Bonuses are awarded right after the purchase. Also in Pazolini stores you can buy gift cards with the nominal value of 500, 1000 and 2000 UAH, which will be an excellent gift for relatives and friends.

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