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More than 50 years ECCO is one of the world's three manufacturers of footwear. Scandinavian design, verified lines, maximum comfort and thorough quality control are the main criteria for the creation of ECCO collections. ECCO products are represented in 3060 branded stores in 88 countries of the world and are invariably popular among buyers. ECCO always follows the once chosen philosophy: we do not just create stylish shoes, we make it really comfortable. At the heart of the development of each model are the principles of caring for our customers. Since its founding in 1963 to the present, ECCO is the only company in the world that completely controls all stages of production and sales: from the direct production of leather to fitting the model to its potential owner. Thanks to the high production capacity of its own factories, ECCO is one of the largest suppliers of quality leather - several leading luxury brands are customers of the company. Only the best innovative technologies and unique design make ECCO shoes truly exceptional. That is why buyers all over the world choose ECCO models and remain loyal to the brand for many years.

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