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Etam is a French brand of lingerie and home clothes. The history of the brand originates from 1916. Nowadays, Etam has opened more than 5,000 stores in 35 countries, including Ukraine, and is rightfully one of the leading underwear manufacturers. Etam creates underwear and home clothes for confident girls who tend to look stylish and attractive, and also feel great! Collections from Etam are products with a taste of French charm. They combine a stylish look and excellent quality. Decor in the form of exquisite lace, embroidery and rhinestones adds elegance and charm to the products. Since 2009, the person and designer of the campaign is the top model Natalia Vodyanova. Etam stores offer a wide range of products: casual linen in comfort style, exquisite underwear for special occasions, underwear, nightgowns, negligee, cozy pajamas, dressing gowns, homemade overalls, and stylish accessories in the form of bandages for sleep, warmers, couplings and slippers. Thanks to this, every visitor can easily find something to please himself or his loved ones.

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