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Boutique of European Jewelry House Style Avenue

Style Avenue is a European jewellery House with a long-standing history. The company specializes in jewellery production was established in Prague over fifteen years ago. Today, Style Avenue is a well-known cosmopolitan brand with its own boutiques in many of the world's capitals. In the fifteen years it has been operating, the Style Avenue brand has learned to treat jewellery accessories as important garments in their own right, which help the contemporary woman to create the latest fashion look every day. When creating jewellery accessories, Style Avenue’s craftsmen synthesize the latest international trends in jewellery fashion whilst at the same time reflecting the individuality and uniqueness of every woman. The brand therefore enables women to develop their own unique style.

The basic principles of the brand, which the company follows in creating jewellery collections, are diversity and individuality.  Style Avenue jewellery is designed to meet the highest demands of the fairer sex. Exclusive products and designers’ extravagant collections encompass the entire spectrum of jewellery materials: gold, silver, jewellery alloys, hot and cold enamel, and precious, semi-precious and natural gems.

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