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Greece (DreamTown 1)

Style Avenue is a European jewelry house that is recognized by beautiful collections of fashionable jewelry. Designers and design bureaus from around the world work on the creation of stylish accessories: they create various, memorable, unique ornaments that change the appearance of a woman, create her image, emphasize the mood and make it unlike others. Each collection is a whole story that can be told for hours. Behind each stands its own legend and its symbolism. The basic principles of the brand are diversity and individuality. In the collections of Style Avenue there are decorations for every taste and to anyone. Earrings and rings, bracelets and brooches, necklaces and pendants are all created using a variety of techniques from traditional and exotic jewelry materials. Gold and silver, cold and hot enamel, precious, semiprecious and natural stones, rubber, leather, coral and mother of pearl - in the hands of masters, they turn into real works of art.

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