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Feast for children Dream Town 2nd part

01 January 2019 - 07 January 2019
Feast for children Dream Town 2nd part

Have you been on a Christmas tree, visited grandmothers, even gone to the theater with children? We offer some more wonderful options to spend a holiday with your child and get impressions on vacation:

January, 4th 18:00 - Magic Dream Disco
Children will entertain dances with fabulous heroes and competitions with prizes. And the illusionist will show the magic of tricks.  The feast complete with active metaphane dancing!

January, 6th 13:00 - Giant Drum-party
On this day, children will be able to feel in the country of giants, because we have prepared a large coloring and disco with giant bears. Together with Mickey and Minnie Mouse kids will take part in contests and get surprises.

January, 7th 13:00 - Stylish Drum Tusovka
Lol dolls will play games and contests, and the most active participants will get a surprise. Each child is a sparkling glitter-tattoo! Dancing under the incendiary hits in the rain from the metaphane!

Dream-style holidays continue!

*entrance is free