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Greet Fortune from AURUM

15 October 2021 - 11 November 2021
Greet Fortune from AURUM

Greet Fortune and she will be on your side.

Fortune is random happiness, but who said that this happy moment cannot smile just at you?


AURUM opens up more opportunities to receive pleasant gifts and unforgettable emotions!


From October 15 to November 11 there will be a promotion "Hello, Fortune"

Guaranteed discounts are waiting for you:

- for gold and silver jewelry - from 25% to 40%;

- for icons and charms - 15% - 25%.


And also - fixed prices 1449/1499/1599/1699 UAH. for 1 gram for selected gold jewelry without precious inserts, and promotional prices for silver jewelry. You can find these products on the colored stickers.

The buyer of the AURUM chain store at the time of calculation can take part in a win-win lottery - pull out a scratch card with a guaranteed discount. Who can get such a chance? Every customer, except those who purchase only fixed price items.

This means that discounts apply to the entire assortment, with the exception of products with fixed prices.


Discounts at a customer's discount with a discount in a scratch card when purchasing products in retail stores of the network are combined.

When buying products at fixed prices, remember that discounts for other promotions that are currently relevant in stores, in particular, a discount for a customer's birthday, individual promotional codes received in a Viber message are not valid.

On the other hand, individual promotional codes sent to customers in Viber messages are valid during the promotion period, but cannot be combined with promotional discounts in a scratch card. When paying for a purchase, you can use either the "Hello Fortune" promotion discount or a promotional code from a Viber message.

Under the terms of the promotion, it is possible to remove the scratch card only once per check.

Jewelry exchange services and payment with a gift certificate are possible.

Time to test your ability to attract luck! Buy gifts for your loved ones and loved ones in AURUM stores - and take part in the drawing!

* The terms and conditions of the Promotion can be changed and / or supplemented by the Promoter at any time during the entire duration of the Promotion