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Promotional offer from AURUM

19 May 2022 - 31 May 2022
Promotional offer from AURUM

Miracles do not cancel!


Small holidays despite all the troubles, as opposed to darkness.


AURUM, meanwhile, is also working for Ukraine. We are actively resuming our work and promotional offers. Let's support together the economy, the Armed Forces and the emotional spirit of everyone.


The action will last till May 31. This means that selected jewelry can be purchased now, at a promotional discount of up to 20%!


The promotional offer includes some nice features.


First of all, think about whether you are our client? The benefits of having a customer discount include additional discounts. Like this time. In particular, for gold and silver jewelry with or without precious inserts.


All gold wedding rings will be discounted at the customer's discount.


In addition, products with fixed prices, which are not difficult to find by color tags.


For example, red, orange and yellow stickers denote gold jewelry, the cost of which is 2050 and 2100 UAH. per gram.


Fixed 50% discount on gold diamond wedding rings marked with a red sticker.

The fixed price for gold products with precious inserts is marked with a yellow sticker.

Fixed price UAH 2,100. per gram on gold wedding rings without precious inserts is marked with red and yellow stickers.


Discount on silver products - 35% - gray stickers.

Icons with a discount of 20% and 30% - also indicate gray stickers.


Bright colors, like guides to the best deals in our branded stores.