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Valentine's Day in Tbiliso

14 February 2019 - 14 February 2019
Valentine's Day in Tbiliso

Especially for the Valentine's Day, the restaurant Tbiliso has prepared the most delicious set of
the guests' favorite dishes:
- branded chicken Tapaka with crispy crust (sauce to choose)
- salad with baked beets, vegetables and spicy cheeses are stuffy
- Salad with rosemary, juicy pear and delicate sauce Tsakhton
- special imereti khachapuri
- dessert for lovers, from our brand chefs.
Set can be purchased at a pleasant price. In addition, to make your evening more special, we will
play tickets for the concert of the Sukhishvili National Georgian Ensemble!
Do not miss the opportunity to try your luck, and to spend an evening of lovers in Georgian
atmosphere. We are waiting in Tbiliso - the real atmosphere of love will reign here ❤️