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Сlimbing wall "PIK"

Africa (DREAM berry)

Climbing wall "PIK" for children and adults from 4 years to 150 kg.

Our climbing wall consists of 30 different obstacles with a total height of more than 200 meters. 26 of them are directly climbing walls, with different themes and levels of difficulty. Jump tower with pear. Pillars of different heights, climb them only with your feet and jump down with insurance from a six-meter height! Two slides of free flight with a height of 7 meters. Wall "Designer" - build, climb, jump, break. Large swing "Horse". And the photo booths are top notch!

Session 60 minutes - 15 minutes, of which is putting on the harness and briefing; 45 minutes stay in the hall.

Session entry. Sessions start every hour.

Must be accompanied by children under 18 years of age. It could be a parent or an instructor. (instructor paid extra)

Book a session at the PIK Climbing Wall and get a powerful boost of emotions!


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17 April 2023 10:10:44
Чудові розваги! Корисно і для дітей і для батьків.