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The largest shopping and entertainment mall in Kiev. It is unique not only due to its scale and architecture, but also to the unusual atmosphere that reigns within the complex. Two parts of the shopping mall are located between three metro stations: Obolon, Minska, Heroiv Dnipra.

About us

DREAM yellow

The boutique gallery is located on the first and second floors, where everyone will find what they are looking for - clothes and shoes of the most famous brands, underwear, sporting goods, a huge selection of jewelry, haberdashery, a large bookstore, optics, gadgets, accessories and much more.

DREAM berry

But if you want to equip your apartment - the doors of DREAM berry are always open for you. Infinite rows of furniture, shops of equipment, sanitary ware, dishes, home textiles and decor are located on the first two floors.

Parents will be happy to visit the large children's quarter on the second floor of the complex. There is everything for your baby - from diapers and rattles to furniture in the nursery.