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Shopping and entertainment centre “Dream Town” invites to EKZOLAND - a real zoo of modern format. You can see the "mini jungle" with funny oedipal tamarins, a pond with piranhas, astronomers and stingrays, an entire aviary with lemurs, the smallest monkey in the world - the pygmy marmoset, iguana monkeys, parrots, pythons and others ” exotic animals on the third floor of the first part of “Dream Town”. The organizers of the project are trying to ensure that each exhibit attracts attention and astonishes.

EKZOLAND is a modern mini zoo, a place of rest, an educational and environmental center, and also a popular tourist destination.

All the beasts and birds that you see are divorced or adapted to it.

EKZOLAND is built with the latest technology used in zoos - dioramic and open modules. It takes into account the biological needs of their inhabitants and at the same time creates a vivid visual effect. We have the opportunity to replace some expositions to show new interesting animals.

In EKZOLAND particular attention is paid to the well-being of all animals. A water purification system is installed. Special lamps that imitate the solar spectrum are used. The level of lighting, the parameters of the microclimate of all exposures is constant monitored. Animal feeding is carried out on the basis of balanced diets. In EKZOLAND are working special trained zootechnics.

A good zoo is a business card of any city and a popular tourist destination.

Welcome to EKZOLAND!

You can use a virtual tour at any time by visiting ekzolend.com.ua

Every Saturday and Sunday at 13:00 you can visit a guided tour with a demonstration of feeding. We also have a program for the birthday.

On weekends and public holidays, you will be able to get demonstration of feeding stingrays, crocodiles, lemurs, meerkats, mongoose and other inhabitants of EKZOLAND.

Visitors permitted to take photos!

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