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Today "Sushiya" is the largest and fastest growing in Ukraine chain of restaurants of modern Japanese cuisine. Annually "Sushiya" opens about 10 new restaurants, including Kiev and the regions of Ukraine. The principles that Sushia has been following since 2006 are quality, deliciously, usefulness. Direct imports of basic products and a powerful logistics system allow the company to regulate the cost of food with high quality standards. Delicious dishes of Japanese cuisine, bright design and attentive service are the components of a full rest in "Sushiya".
Exact delivery "Sushiya" has been working since July 2011 and covers all regions where the restaurants of the network operate. Residents of different cities each time are convinced of the speed and convenience of delivery. Orders are prepared in the nearest restaurant and delivered by courier within 60 minutes. "Sushia" financially responsible for every minute of waiting for an order -"1 minute delay = 1 UAH to your account".

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