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KFC is a world-famous chain of restaurants specializing in fresh chicken. The founder of KFC - Harland Sanders was born in 1890 in Henrietville, Indiana (USA). Harland's special passion has been chicken dishes since childhood . His incredible passion and dedication were the key to the development of a chain of restaurants under the name of Kentucky Fried Chicken in 1952.
KFC always uses only the highest quality chicken meat from the best domestic producers. The legs, hips, brisket and wings are delivered to us exclusively fresh during the week. The meat is panned and cooked directly in the restaurant with real chefs every day.
Today, the KFC network is represented on 5 continents, in more than 120 countries of the world. It has more than 19,000 points, with around 15 million guests enjoying delicious KFC dishes every day.
To discover the chicken taste you can at the DREAM TOWN. Welcome!

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