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The story of Merry Berry began in 2009 in Odessa, a city with the most demanding customers and a powerful stream of tourists who also note the unique concept of the network along with European and American coffee brands. The Merry Berry menu is regularly updated according to the seasons, replenished with new items, delights visitors with unrivaled product quality and freshness.

The star of our menu is a smoothie - a mix of fresh berries and fruit based on yogurt or milk. These branded cocktails are prepared for a special recipe and will surely delight those who share the western trends in healthy lifestyles and the transition to environmentally friendly products. A smoothie-map has been developed, it has more than 20 tastes.

Always topical coffee drinks in the whole variety of their variations on the basis of coffee own blend. We offer guests a seasonal menu of warm drinks in the autumn and winter, and in the summer - refreshing.

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