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Brazil (DREAM yellow)

"TBILISO" is a Georgian hospitality restaurant in the middle of a noisy shopping center. The new one in Kiev, in which you can learn real Georgian cuisine, will plunge into the atmosphere of hospitality and simply have a great time in the circle of people dear to you.
Only here authentic Georgian dishes can be so accessible! Due to democratic prices, you do not leave us hungry! 5 types of khinkali, 9 types of khachapuri, Chicken Tapaka in 3 different sauces - this is restaurant menu hits! The bar also pleases with its diversity and a combination of tastes!
Be sure to order home wine - it is brought specially from Georgia - red semi-dry on the basis of the grape Saperavi with the aftertaste of cherries, and white semi-dry - grade Rkacheteli, with fresh berry notes.
It is important for us to show that real Georgian cuisine is tasty and useful for everyone! We use the recipes of the Georgians - long-livers.
Welcome to the restaurant "TBILISO", where the style and the best gastronomic traditions of Georgia are united. A place where a warm atmosphere, intimate conversations and tasty food - are one whole.

Reviews (2)
14 February 2022 17:48:25
Добрый день! Хочу оставить отзыв и сказать огромное спасибо за организацию Детского праздника! Мы провели детский день рожденья, и все было просто супер. Хочется сказать спасибо Александре администратору за то что так быстро и оперативно решила все вопросы, нашла место и помогла спланировать праздник. А также спасибо ребятам которые обслуживали наш банкет Виктории и Дмитрию!
06 November 2020 13:19:49
Отличная и вкусная кухня,уютный зал. Отдельное спасибо официантам Лере и Максиму за комфорт и качественный сервис!:)