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Goodbye, town, now I am DREAM

28 September 2021
Goodbye, town, now I am DREAM

We come to you with great news!

All summer we have been muttering something cool behind your back, and now we are ready to present it. DREAM TOWN rebranded and became ... DREAM! (No, that's not all change, not laughing). We want our mall to become more convenient, interesting and modern, so we are changing it. Naming, navigation, visuals and communication will become easier and closer to you. And the filling and home atmosphere will remain unchanged. Dream Town, part 1, now DREAM yellow, and Dream Town, part 2 - DREAM berry. Definitely not to be confused.

So far, our changes are only external, but soon we will start to surprise you with an internal transformation. Follow the news!

You like. This is DREAM.

And you can watch the video and see the mall from a bird's eye view by following the link here.