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Secret Santa Socks from DREAM

10 December 2021
Secret Santa Socks from DREAM

Once upon a time in a small English town there lived a widower with three daughters. The man did not have the opportunity to provide his daughters with a worthy wedding dowry. He shared this with his friend. By a lucky coincidence, the conversation was heard by Santa Claus himself.

When Christmas night fell, Santa Claus chimney down to the widower's house. However, there was no festively decorated Christmas tree in the room, but only socks and stockings that were drying over the fireplace, and Santa Claus put gold coins in his socks. The happy daughters shared their joy with their friends. This is how the custom of decorating the house with festive socks for gifts appeared.

We were inspired by this story and our cats, together with Santa, prepared holiday prizes - 10 Secret Santa Socks.