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Give books in Ukrainian

12 Jule 2022
Give books in Ukrainian

In March 2022, a girl from Poland organized an aid point for Ukrainian refugees in Switzerland, and with the help of the local municipality, premises were allocated for the Gosha&Co store, where Ukrainians are given free humanitarian aid.

Many children come to the store and they all ask for books, which are not available in Ukrainian.

This is how the idea of ​​creating a children's Ukrainian library in Zurich was born.

DREAM mall and BUKVA and Valliza bookstores joined the project to create a children's Ukrainian library in Switzerland, so that our children abroad have the opportunity to read books in Ukrainian.

Join the wonderful initiative and book joy for little Ukrainians.

How to join?
Buy a book or bring your own and leave it at BUKVA and Valliza bookstores.

What should the books be?
- no older than 2000
- new or in good condition
- literature for children and teenagers in Ukrainian: artistic, cognitive, educational, developmental, etc.

The project will take place from 12.07.22 to 12.08.22.

*Ask sales consultants for details on how to hand over the book.