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Thursday - time for a new schedule

10 March 2023
Thursday - time for a new schedule

Thursday - and therefore time for a new schedule!

There are not many new releases this week, but they are very exciting, and besides, there will be more time to watch what you didn't have time to watch.

1. "Scream VI" - a new chapter of cult horror on big screens! Four heroes who managed to survive the creepy hunt of a masked maniac leave Woodsboro and finally start a new life in another town. But will they be able to escape from the ghosts of the past?

2. "Muti" is an exciting thriller about a detective who is looking for the killer of his daughter. During the investigation, he seeks help from an anthropologist played by Morgan Freeman. But the closer they get to the mystery, the more scary and creepy details they learn.

There are only 2 premieres this week, but it's a great chance to see movies from the past weeks, such as: Mavka. Forest Song, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania, Creed III: Legacy of Rocky Balboa, and many more.

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