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Obolon is a place of happy people

28 April 2023
Obolon is a place of happy people

Friends, travelers, researchers!

While walking through Kyiv, we are delighted to discover not only the historic center, but also new districts.
In them we find numerous curiosities and deep historical roots. And we also feel that each district has its own special spirit.

This Friday, April 28, at 6:00 p.m., we will open the multifaceted and inspiring Obolon - that's why we invite you to the "Multifaceted Obolon" tour!

After all, this district, like a pure, integral and multifaceted crystal, combines everything for life: the resort atmosphere of the beaches, convenient and rich infrastructure, modern art, patronage, the luxury of nature and boundless creativity. And getting to know the different sides of the district, we also discover different sides of ourselves - our own aspirations, achievements and abilities - and as a result, we become more complete and fulfilled.

Excursion program:
18:00 - meeting under the sculpture of the Archangel Michael in the square near the "Minska" metro station, str. Marshal Tymoshenko, 16.
Our route: Metro Minsk - Pokrovskaya Church - Obolonskaya Embankment - Natalka Park
20:15 – the end of the event near Natalka Park

You determine the cost of the excursion yourself. This is the amount that is comfortable for you today.

Our event is more than an excursion, because we:
- We will feel how much Obolon is a real Kyiv district;
- We will see how the district combines a resort, industrial and artistic centers and much more;
- We learn how philanthropic initiatives create urban space and what each of us can do for the city;
- Let's see creative solutions of Kyiv residents and witty highlights of elite housing;
- Let's see what kind of chic place for recreation the people of Kyiv will get soon;
- We will discover the secret of Obolon style relaxation;
- Let's learn to combine contrasts in harmony in Obolon;
- We will make our contribution to the event of cultural diplomacy. Here we will be able to exchange our own opinions, find friends and like-minded people, discuss and simply enjoy Kyiv.

And after the tour, you can take a walk in Natalka Park among blooming magnolias and cherry blossoms.
We sincerely invite families with children to the excursion. Gifts from our partners - the chain of stores "Antoshka" await the little ones.

To register, contact Yulia Tolkodubova: 0970326034 https://www.facebook.com/yulya.tolkodubova
Tour guide, poet and translator Darya Chudinova https://www.facebook.com/profile.php? id=100002005182077

Our excursion is the first of the cycle "Obolon - City of Happy People".
Next, we will separately reveal each facet of Obolonia - and ourselves! Follow our announcements.
The project was created in partnership with the BF "ProMeni Shchastya" and is part of the Code of the Happy Nation project https://www.facebook.com/raysofhappiness/posts/590375399811867
Project partners: Obolon District State Administration in the city of Kyiv and DREAM shopping center.

Through this event, you join the support of the author's educational product and invest both in personal development and in the development of the city and domestic tourism.
Before meeting!