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Premieres this week at the Oscars

25 May 2023
Premieres this week at the Oscars

Premieres this week at the Oscars!

1. "The Little Mermaid" - a live-action film adaptation of the well-known Disney fairy tale about the daughter of the king of the seas, Triton - Ariel, who wants to know "what's above the surface of the water" more than anything in life.

2. "Risks and side effects" - a comedy with a lot of black humor, about a couple in which the wife needs a kidney transplant, and the husband is in no hurry to do it.

3. "Knights of the Zodiac" is a film story based on an anime that became an international sensation.
In the center of the plot is a wayward teenager from the street who earns a living in fights without rules. He has only one goal: to earn money to find his sister who was kidnapped many years ago.

4. "Mission Kandahar" - Gerard Butler as an undercover CIA operative must escape Afghanistan with his translator after they are declassified.

5. "Megalodon. Black Demon" - Large-scale survival action based on an ancient Mexican legend about a giant prehistoric shark.

You can also still watch "Guardians of the Galaxy 3", "Fast and Furious X" and other movies.

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