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New collection SOVA x FROLOV

29 April 2024
New collection SOVA x FROLOV

???? "Even in the midst of war, flowers bloom" - New SOVAxFROLOV collaboration.
The star of the Ukrainian film "Pamfir", actress Solomiya Kyrylova, became the face of the campaign
In the center of the collection is a wild rose that grew in my grandmother's garden. The same flower from a childhood memory, from a warm summer evening.

Symbolically, the SOVA x FROLOV collaboration has an important charitable goal — restoring and supporting the psychological health of children from the "Children of Heroes" charitable foundation

For each piece of jewelry purchased, you receive a special card with pictures created by the children under the care of the "Children of Heroes" Charitable Foundation

You can get acquainted with the new SOVA x FROLOV collection in all SOVA boutiques!