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Diagnosis of birthmarks as part of the SkinScan project

22 May 2024
Diagnosis of birthmarks as part of the SkinScan project

As part of the Skin Scan social project, moles are diagnosed in the DREAM|DREAM yellow shopping center.

22.05 - 20.06

12:00-20:00 DREAM yellow, Greece atrium, 3rd floor

What is SkinScan?

SkinScan is a social project focused on the prevention of melanoma and other manifestations of skin oncology in Ukraine and the effective fight against them.

SkinScan is hundreds of unique topics, photos, videos, behind-the-scenes, interviews with specialized specialists, patients, opinion leaders with the aim of drawing the attention of Ukrainians to issues of skin health - the organ in which a person spends his whole life.

SkinScan is an important and sensitive topic that has never before had a wide range of distribution in Ukraine.

What we want to convey and change:

In Ukraine, there is no culture of tanning and a culture of moderate exposure to the sun
Low oncological alertness - both among ordinary people and among professionals.
State clinics do not have modern diagnostic equipment, especially in the early stages.
Low public awareness of melanoma and its causes.
The environment is deteriorating, which affects the development of tumor processes.
A huge number of cases of self-medication, which often lead to fatal consequences.
Lack of a culture of regular preventive visits to a dermatologist.
Limited knowledge about laser technologies as the most effective for melanoma treatment, mistrust of laser technologies (both among patients and medical professionals).

For whom we do it:

For patients who need help and for those who are at risk (due to hereditary factors): informing about modern possibilities of diagnosis and treatment;
For a wide audience: instilling a culture of behavior in the sun, a culture of regular visits to a dermatologist for preventive purposes (at least once a year, preferably after a trip to the south), a broad-spectrum educational program about skin health;
For journalists: forming an understanding of the importance of the topic and coverage, conscious cooperation;
For specialists: educational projects aimed at improving qualifications, expanding knowledge about the possibilities of laser technologies.

Venue: DREAM mall, ave. Obolonskyi, 1B, DREAM yellow, Greece atrium, 3rd floor

Time: every day from 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. reception is carried out by appointment of the administrator at the place of diagnosis

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