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Precious Ukraine discounts up to -33%

01 Jule 2022 - 25 Jule 2022
Precious Ukraine discounts up to -33%

Precious Ukraine

This summer in Ukraine is not about the beach season, but about unity and struggle. We all dream every day about a free country and the end of the war. But not only with dreams, we step towards a common goal. Today, someone in the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is fighting for our freedom, someone is volunteering, or actively working for the benefit of the Ukrainian economy. The AURUM company does not stand aside and allocates part of the profit to the needs of the military and residents of the de-occupied territories, which should become more over time, until the whole of Ukraine is freed from the invaders.

At the same time, we are all just people who love and sometimes allow ourselves small joys in the form of memorable gifts for relatives, or in search of engagement rings for a tender event in the lives of two. In these moments, it is really important that the jewelry chain, where you buy all these pleasures, offers favorable conditions and discounts, and also supports the Ukrainian army with more than just words.

The "Precious Ukraine" campaign will last in all AURUM chain stores from June 1 to August 25, 2022.

Under its terms, we offer a discount of up to 22% on gold jewelry (except for jewelry with precious stone inserts), silver jewelry, icons, charms, children's gifts, excluding products with fixed prices marked with colored stickers and tags. The client's discount is valid.

There is also a discount of up to 21% on all gold jewelry with precious stones, excluding fixed price items marked with colored stickers. The customer discount will also apply.

For our dear Military Defenders, AURUM is offering an additional 5% discount in addition to the above promotional discounts (except fixed price discounted items).

The AURUM company may make changes to the conditions and terms of application of the above price offers and discounts, taking into account the course of military operations in Ukraine.

Let's go to Victory together!