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Drawing of a gold necklace "Dream"

18 January 2023 - 07 February 2023
Drawing of a gold necklace "Dream"

"Dream" golden necklace raffle

Our common dream has a symbol. Yes, this is the same majestic Antonov plane that will be restored. In time, he will certainly congratulate his free and indomitable country with Victory from the height of its peaceful sky. In the meantime, we are giving away a small copy of it - a golden necklace that you will wear near your heart with faith in the light.

We remind you that the action "Do you have a dream?" valid from January 18 to February 7.

During this period, customers who are registered in the discount program of the AURUM company and have made a purchase in the AURUM network in the amount of UAH 3,000 or more, participate in the raffle for a jewelry gift. You will have the opportunity to win a 585 gold "Dream" necklace (item 361197). One check allows a one-time participation in the draw. The prize draw and announcement of the winner will take place on February 9, the time will be announced later on our social networks.

How will the draw take place?

Everything will be decided by a happy coincidence, when a card with the last four digits of the check number, phone number, first and last name of the buyer will be drawn from the drum.

Participants whose check number became a winner will receive an SMS, viber message, and e-mail about the winnings no later than 1 day after the draw. After that, the lucky winner can choose to receive a gift in person at a company store, or by mail.

Join - and let fortune smile at you!

Two more simple details for your attention:

1. Only adults can participate in the draw.
2. The raffle refers to the purchase of a gold necklace "Dream" for the price of UAH 1.

Good luck!