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Travel agency CORAL TRAVEL offers the best resorts and hotels in 27 countries - Turkey, Spain, Greece, Egypt, Thailand, Tunisia, Morocco, Israel, UAE, China, Cuba, India, Mauritius, Tanzania, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Maldives, Onnami, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Mexico, Cambodia, Jordan, Andorra, Austria. There is a constant work to open new areas. The tour operator organizes group and individual FIT tours based on their own charter programs and regular flights. We develops incentive-, congress-, sports and other types of tourism, and also actively sells airline tickets online.
The company practices in its work a comprehensive approach to quality. This means quality in everything, from the product offered and ending with the work of employees of all units of CORAL TRAVEL. 
A comprehensive quality control of all components of tourist products is carried out at every stage of its formation, promotion and implementation. CORAL TRAVEL is committed to implementing the requirements of ISO 9001. Relations with partners are based on the principles of openness and decency, without which it is impossible to build a successful business. Each agent can be sure that his client will be provided with only quality services thoroughly checked and selected by experts from CORAL TRAVEL. That is why the product offered on the market under the brand CORAL is synonymous with reliability and quality in the eyes of consumers and partners .

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