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French brand Yves Rocher, Botanical Beauty® Expert  since 1959, has been creating effective cosmetics and perfumes for over 60 years, taking care of women around the world and fulfilling this mission with respect for nature.

The company's products are presented in six cosmetic categories: face, body and hair care, perfumery, makeup and hygiene. The key beauty products of the brand are face and body skin care. The company offers effective formulas for all skin types based on botanical ingredients grown in its own fields. Expert hair care from Yves Rocher, as well as bath and shower products with amazing aromas, are very popular all over the world (and in Ukraine as well).

More than 1,100 natural ingredients, the most natural ingredients in formulas, a fully controlled production cycle are not the only things brand can be proud of. Eco-responsibility and environmental protection are always at the heart of everything created by the brand.

Not only does Yves Rocher reduce the use of natural resources and the weight of packaging, it selects the ecodesign concept for products and uses recycled materials: the company also supports the Yves Rocher Foundation eco-projects, including tree planting (Yves Rocher Foundation has pledged to plant 100 million trees worldwide by the end of 2020) and assistance in developing the best women's local eco-projects within the Terre de Femmes Award.


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