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The history of the development of the Ukrainian brand of L'CARVARI footwear began in November 2005. It was then that the first specialized store of footwear and accessories L'CARVARI was opened in Dnepropetrovsk. Today there are already 10 branded stores located in the main cities of Ukraine. L'CARVARI actively cooperates with young designers who take part in the Ukrainian Fashion Week, Lviv Fashion Week Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days. Every season L'CARVARI presents the best of his works, developed in his own design studio by hand. The brand philosophy of L'CARVARI is affordable fashion!

L'CARVARI makes the fashion available for every Ukrainian.

Buying shoes and accessories L'CARVARI client is absolutely confident in:

  • Matching shoes to world fashion trends
  • high quality of the product
  • quality service

L'CARVARI shoes and accessories are produced in the following countries:

  • Ukraine
  • China
  • Italy

Regardless of the place of production, L'CARVARI shoes and accessories meet the highest quality standards.

L'CARVARI makes aesthetics fashionable! L.Carvari - a network of branded stores of women's and men's shoes and accessories. The main direction of the brand is fashion, the category of "fashionable shoes". Assortment L.Carvari favorably differs by the introduction of original materials, styles, colors and various decorative elements when creating a collection.

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