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France (DREAM yellow)

Each of us has its own goal. EVERYONE of us chose his way to her and ... his shoes! Check out the latest collection of spring-summer 2017 and choose your own way of reaching your goal in the new store "SSC" in Kiev. You will definitely wear a variety of styles and you will be able to manifest yourself by choosing shades and shapes that will fit your character and ideally convey your mood. The most fashionable models of shoes and bags made of high quality materials are waiting for you at the SSS store. Regardless of which style you prefer: classic or sporting, in our range you will find exactly what you are looking for. The Polish company CCC is one of the most recognizable shoe shops in Poland and Europe. Sales in the CCC are based on the principle of "house of brands" associated with the sale of different brands of footwear under one roof. The sale of footwear is carried out under the own brands (Lasocki, Jenny Fairy, ButS) and other brands (Puma, Kappa, Sprandi). The CCC stores are located in large and medium-sized cities throughout Poland and in 15 European countries (such as Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria, etc.). It has more than 800 stores. In addition to a wide range of women's shoes, CCC offers a unique design for men's shoes, but does not forget about the smallest CLIENTS, and the new season's new SKS stores offer a wide range of women's bags.

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12 September 2019 14:16:18
Очень хорошие и внимательные продавцы!