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Hollywood (DreamTown 1)

Brand has its own style, which combines color, quality and fashion. BENETTON is one bright side of life, which clearly changes the color of litmus, reacting to your mood. A brand with a strong Italian character is unpredictable and temperamental. Three whales, - style, quality and color. Who seeks will always find. The design team of Benetton is looking for and finding the best material for creating new unique clothing lines for women, men, children. Benetton is the most comfortable, practical and fashionable clothing. Stylish interior design, European spirit and bright new items. Exclusive styles of Italian dreamers. Range for ultramodern. In the morning you flaunt in a business jacket, in the daytime in stylish jeans, and in the evening in a sexy dress to envy rivals. And all these things are in one store. And in the most unexpected colors. Things are on the shelves, they can be freely viewed and tried on.

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