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COLIN'S was founded in 1983 by the Eroğlu group of companies (Turkey). The opening of the first store in Istanbul in 1986 was an important milestone in its history: it was from then on that the rapid development of the brand in the international arena began. Now around the world, in 38 states, more than 600 COLIN'S stores operate. Today, the brand's collections attract the attention of stylish young people from all over the world. Denim clothing is the main trendy brand accent. Every season, the COLIN'S team develops new models, strives for impeccable cuts, invents innovative technologies for the creation and processing of denim. In addition, the brand produces regular collections of women's and men's clothing, footwear and accessories. In 2014, COLIN'S received the RETAIL AWARDS 2013 award - Ukrainian buyers recognized the brand as the best in the category "Network of clothing stores. Mass-market ".

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