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Speaking  about BARTEK shoes we mean comfort and healthy development ...... By this principle we have been working for more than 20 years. During this time we have accumulated a lot of experience, as well as the trust of parents. BARTEK is a Polish company, the biggest manufacturer of children's shoes in Poland, which offers the best footwear for children 1-10 years old. The correct development of the child also depends on the correct selection of shoes to his feet. Therefore, our salons employ highly qualified specialists who have deep knowledge of children's shoes. The salons are equipped with stoppers - special devices for measuring feet, which help to choose the right shoes. Every year BARTEK produces about 300 models of shoes in different color versions. These are copyright projects developed jointly with different industries to offer you the best of the best. Also in the store are children's home shoes, active footwear, beach shoes, socks and accessories for shoes.

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