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London (DreamTown 2)

"Lapsi" is a children's footwear store of TM "Lapsi" and "Arial". "Lapsi" - shoes come from a happy childhood. These shoes are protection; shoes are a friend. Footwear TM "Lapsi" is developed taking into account the best European traditions and recommendations of orthopedic doctors. Shoes "Lapsi" is equipped with a support for the heel, which ensures the correct position of the legs. Already from the first steps of the child, she cares that in the future it will not be necessary to correct possible disruptions in the development of your child's leg. Shoes "Lapsi" is made for children who are just starting to make their first steps, and up to 12 years. Children's footwear TM "Arial" is developed by domestic designers taking into account the anatomical features of the foot structure of the child and is oriented to the development of leading fashion designers in Europe. Each model TM "Arial" takes into account modern modeling trends, and children's shoes look as elegant as an adult. In the store "Lapsi" you can buy children's shoes for kindergarten, school and active recreation for your children. We invite you to visit our store!

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