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In the store Silk Paradize you can find a huge selection of products for the bedroom. Pillows, blankets with natural fillings - silk, cashmere, camel, merino, fluff, lyocel (tentsel) - classic and innovative - from European leaders in the production of textiles. Exclusive bamboo, cotton, silk and eucalyptus bed linens - from the best European designers. First of all, it's linens of different types: silk, satin, bamboo fabric, Egyptian cotton, eucalyptus fiber, jacquard, coarse calico, poplin and many more. Satin, terry and silk dressing gowns and terry towels are the most soft and beautiful. Clothes for sleeping, silk, linen, cotton, modal. Silk Paradize offers elite bed linens and sets of bedding items, tablecloths and covers of famous Italian, English, Turkish and Chinese brands: Blumarine, ETRO, Kuneng, Kessar Polo, Casablanca, Jajamon, Luxuri linens, Apollo, BLISS, Sinomax, Norman Hayordal selection, SHARK Home, PAVIA, LUOLAI, BINNU, Cotton House, DiBenedetto, ISSIMO "Lodex", "Flossy", "Points Rouges", "Charming", "Lapis", etc. For those who appreciate the high quality and style, we can offer silk bedding and bed linens from other high-quality fabrics. We always have a lot of fashionable, bright and monochrome coloring of bed linen. A variety of options will help make your bedroom not only cozy, but also stylish. You can buy family bed linens, euro-size bed linen, baby bedding.

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