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ANOVA company is a symbiosis of fresh, innovative ideas from a team of professionals who have absorbed the experience of the best world design schools, creating their own unique philosophy in which the beauty of natural materials has given life to an uncommon, original and modern look at kitchen furniture. That is why two main resources that give unsurpassed quality, beauty and functionality are natural materials and human potential. Guarantee of our success - quality, beautiful cuisine, which bring joy and pleasure to the client. There is nothing easier to buy a kitchen, just visit one of our exhibition stores, and make an order. The main catalyst for the imagination and branding of ANOVA was the Biosphere Reserve "Askania Nova", which is included in the seven natural wonders of Ukraine and a hundred of the most famous protected zones of the world. "Askania-Nova" - the richest on the representatives of flora and fauna reserve in the expanses of Eurasia. Part of the proceeds from the sales of kitchens we transfer to the development fund of the Reserve, thereby supporting rare species of flora and fauna that are on the verge of extinction. Working on the creation of our kitchens, it is important for us to create, because the natural potential is not infinite! Our factory produces furniture in different styles, individually for each customer, which guarantees a unique style and usability of our products.

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