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Greece (DreamTown 1)

A well thought out brand concept, authenticity and style of Camel Active clearly distinguish brand products from competitors. However, in addition to the appearance, Camel Active products are distinguished and surprising quality of manufacturing. Clothes are not only stylish, but also very strong; the same can be said about shoes. Camel Active owes its birth to the popular Camel Trophy race in the 1970s, which collected thousands of fans from TV screens and radios. It was the racers Camel Trophy founders of the German brand decided to dress and shoe in branded clothes of high quality and durability. Having started its development in Germany, this brand is now represented in more than 50 countries around the world. Camel Active creates modern casual clothes that connect natural high-quality materials with functional elements and fabrics, and primarily meets the needs of modern men and women who love an active lifestyle. As for the color range, while developing the collections in Camel Active, they remained true to the natural shades: beige, sand, blue-green, smoky-gray and brown. Also Camel Active launched a women's collection of clothing, footwear and accessories.

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