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TM CASTA - this brand has proven itself due to the high quality of jewelry, the level of customer service, a wide discount program, constantly updating the range of jewelry

CTATA's connoisseurs of beauty are a slogan of a network of jewelry stores located in Kiev, Kharkiv and Odessa.


 CASTA is a jewelry club in which buyers, despite the crazy pace of life and the everlasting lack of time, still find the opportunity not only to choose the desired decoration, get qualified warranty service, discuss the latest fashion jewelry, join the club of fashionable and successful people.

CASTA is not just a network name. It reflects our and your eyes on the world. Each of our clients - part of our world, after all, looks at jewelry with our eyes. Customers CASTA are always worth the best, so they only choose the most elegant and sophisticated decorations. Buying our products, the customer first of all buys the pleasure of refined jewelry, emphasize its beauty. We have been on for over 8 years on the first floor of the Atrium of China one of the most successful shopping malls Dream Town


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