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The Promod trademark is exclusively a female brand. From the day of its foundation to the present day, Promod produces collections only for women and does it very successfully. Perhaps, because over 5000 employees are working on the creation of the Promod trade brand, of which 90% are exclusively women. Perhaps, therefore, the models of the trade brand are so beloved by women. Promod is a stylish and inexpensive clothing from France, which appeared in 1975. The main target audience of the brand are women from 20 to 40: fashionable, active and self-confident. The size range is also quite large from 34 to 50 sizes, so almost every woman can find here clothes that meet her taste and expectations. Promod produces stylish outerwear, office clothes, evening outfits, underwear, shoes and accessories. Promod clothing has become an excellent combination of classic, latest fashion trends and a democratic price. Also pleases not only the original cut and interesting details, but also very good quality. Despite the low price, almost all models are made of natural materials, very cozy and pleasant to the body. Promod clothes are those clothes that you want to wear!

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