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The company "RCR" was established in 1991. From the time of its foundation to the present time, the main idea of ​​RCR has been the belief that a man, regardless of age and size of clothes, can look elegant and feel confident and comfortable. Style, refinement, high quality workmanship and fabulous fabrics are RCR's top priorities. When creating a collection, RCR uses raw materials of foreign production of the highest quality. At the production stage, RCR cooperates with the best manufacturers of fabrics and accessories. Participates in specialized exhibitions, where buyers buy the biggest brands before showing the world collections at the official Fashion Week. RCR is a classic and stylish casual high quality for men. In the RCR store you can get dressed from head to toe, in every seasonal collection there is certainly presented both outerwear and accessories. Here you can completely update the wardrobe, ranging from underwear and finishing with outer clothing, pick up shoes. The casual collection not only demonstrates a unique and dynamic style that meets the needs of a modern man, but also emphasizes the new facet of fashion - to feel luxurious in everyday life and comfortably in solemn moments.

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