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China (DreamTown 1)

The multi-brand store STEM presents men's and women's clothing, as well as accessories from such world famous brands as Tommy Hilfiger, Gant, G-Star RAW, Pepe Jeans, Fornarina, Lacoste, DKNYMen and Polo Ralph Lauren. The advantage of multibrand is the ability to pick up everything you need in one place. STEM is conceptually divided into two thematic areas: denim and sportswear. The direction of sportswear includes casual wear and casual style variations, and denim includes a full range of jeanswear. The interior of the concept-store is designed in the style of "loft", which emphasizes the independent spirit of a resident of a large city. Unprocessed bricks, an abundance of wood, bare concrete - all this creates a creative atmosphere and offers spectacular improvisation when creating images.

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