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Company AKVAREL represents the real "laboratory" of office supplies, irreplaceable assistants in work, study and creativity. For management, partners, colleagues, you can pick up writing materials and office accessories. And send the little geeks to school with a full "arsenal" of necessary office supplies - from an ergonomic case, capacious backpacks from natural fabrics, original notebooks and a set of markers to sturdy covers, calculators and bookmarks. Find an excuse to learn the basics of embroidery or decoupage, painting or embossing. AKVAREL store will fully reveal your creative potential and share artistic tools from the world's leading brands. Are you a fan of pastels, oil paintings or watercolors? Maybe you are attracted by graphics, lettering, painting or sketching? There is a limit in price, but there are no borders in the assortment of collections. AKVAREL- an excellent occasion to indulge yourself and the child with cute trifles or to pick up an exclusive exclusive gift: a decorative globe, a Parker pen, exclusive table sets. The products of the presented brands demonstrate an excellent "duet" of quality and value. Attentive sellers, promotions, bonuses and other profitable offers from AKVAREL will make your shopping a real event with a lot of pleasant impressions!

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18 June 2020 13:05:08
Магазин очень хороший! Закупаюсь уже год! приятный персонал, хороший товар, приятная музыка и консультанты/кассиры которые всегда помогут! @_romsha_oil_painter_