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Are you looking for furniture for a children's room? How wonderful that the searches brought you to our site! We are pleased to present you a wonderful series of children's furniture produced by the Turkish factory Cilek (Chilek). In our assortment, the products of this manufacturer occupy a special place. And there are a number of reasons for this, about which we want to tell you. The Cilek factory was founded not so long ago - it was created 15 years ago. But during her work she became one of the leaders in the segment of children's furniture production and conquered the markets of many countries. First of all, Cilek furniture factory is a family business, carefully kept by its founder. Every year, in different countries, 500,000 products of this brand are sold, and the company simply can not afford to make any mistakes in the technology of production - the name and reputation of its owner, Mr. Cilek. A year after the start of work, the factory opens its first store outside of Turkey - it appeared in Switzerland. And today this furniture is sold in 444 single-brand retail outlets around the world. And till now this successful and prosperous company continues its development, making a bet on the production of original furniture and the development of new design solutions with an emphasis on the ecological component.


17.07.2019 - 31.12.2019
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Rooms of Chilek
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STOCK: 20% discount on a series of children`s farniture ROMANTIC
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