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Do you know the feeling of triumph? The world-famous "Triumph" brand of underwear, which is presented in a wide range in the Triumph store on the 2nd floor, will allow every woman to feel her own triumph! German linen "Triumph" is a guarantee of beauty and unsurpassed quality in everything: style, material, you can see for themselves what attractive force the female body has in the underwear of "Triumph"! Such an outfit will bring in your image the elusive charm and brilliance of femininity, and the playfulness of the lines and the selection of materials will create a unique mood. "Triumph" is a competent combination of the everyday an unbeatable comfort and style, sexuality and modesty of the details at the same time. Elegant bras, body and soft panties made from natural fabrics - these things will please you every day and every night, without creating any discomfort when wearing. Once choosing "Triumph" - you will become his fan and not only in underwear, you will be amazed by the convenience and quality of home clothes, gowns, nightgowns and pajamas. All this "Triumph" presents also in a wide range of different colors and sizes, mainly made from natural materials. Did not pass the German manufacturers to their attention and men, for whom also there is a wide selection of comfortable and comfortable underwear, home clothes, swimming trunks. By the way, remembering about various holidays and rest, it is worth noting that "Triumph" offers many fashionable swimsuits of all sizes and swimming trunks for men, both new collections and previous ones with a discount of up to -50%. All this and much more can always be purchased at the "Triumph" store! For regular customers, there is a discount program with discounts of -5%, -10%. Also always available GIFT CERTIFICATES NOMINOL in: 100 UAH, 200 UAH, 250 UAH, 500 UAH, 100 UAH.

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