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ESOTIQis a modern Polish underwear brand designed to make women charming and attractive!

We are exclusive ESOTIQ distributors in Ukraine and Belarus!  Our network in Ukraine consists of 21 stores.

Customer will be amazed at the astonishing assortment in our stores. We offer vide range of products: from comfortable classic underwear to glittering and sexy pieces for special occasion; from dazzling swimsuits to cozy homewear. Professionally trained personnel will help you to select a perfect fit for your confidence and satisfaction!

ESOTIQ store - is a haven of femininity, place to relax in the middle of the turbulent city life!

Exquisite lace, natural materials, a wide range of models and colors, professional selection of bras, great deals and promotions - all you can find in ESOTIQ stores!

We love your body!

Fall in love with ESOTIQ!


06.12.2019 - 22.12.2019
-50% на чек від 1500грн
Святкуємо Хелловін разом з ESOTIQ!
02.05.2019 - 03.06.2019
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