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Brazil (DREAM yellow)

The 15th store of the ONE BY ONE network, now in the DREAM mall!
Completely new format, even more stylish images and shopping as entertainment!
ONE BY ONE is a Ukrainian brand with its own production facilities and a team of over 200 people!
The brand, which develops the fashion industry in Ukraine every day, creates a cool product made in Ukraine, so that each of our women wears Ukrainian clothes of middle up quality and chooses One by One
ONE BY ONE is fast fashion, where collections are not divided according to seasons, and new models are created every week, which are produced in small batches to preserve uniqueness.
One by One clothing is an ideal base that is combined with relaxed classics, feminine silhouettes and bright accents, all things are mixed with each other and make up ready-made images so that each client does not waste time thinking about what to wear today and how to combine outfits.

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