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Vinnytsia plant "Crystal" is one of the few enterprises in Ukraine, awarded the honor of putting their own brand mark on their products. During the time at the jewelry market, the Vinnitsa Crystal trademark has become a guarantee of impeccable quality and good taste, so it is not surprising that our jewelry products have received wide recognition both in Ukraine and abroad. In our jewelry collection there are the widest choice of jewelry from gold with natural high-quality diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, pearls and other precious stones. High quality of each product from exclusive to serial models is a distinctive feature of all jewelry Vinnitsіa Crystal. For the execution of products is used the widest range of jewelry techniques and methods of decorative finishing. The combination of traditional classical jewelry techniques with innovative production technologies, high professionalism of designers and jewelers make it possible to make jewelry collections in the trends of modern jewelry fashion and constantly update the range of jewelry.

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