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Mexico (DreamTown 2)

Shop "Treasure Island" opens a unique world of natural stones for the visitor. Hundreds of varieties of gems and minerals can be purchased in their entirety, or in products:

  • Souvenirs: trinkets, coasters, ashtrays, caskets, figurines, pyramids, quartz balls, crystals.
  • Decor: stone compositions - grape clusters, birds, trees, amethyst floor giants, agate slices, countertops.
  • Ornaments: pendants, pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces.
  • Assorted gems by weight.

Also in the store are dolls TC "Doller", for 5 years, earned the love and trust of customers.

  • Porcelain: souvenir, decorative and collectible models of all sizes.
  • Vinyl: game models for children, from small puppics, to large dolls.
  • Ethnic: dolls in Ukrainian national costumes.

In the store "Treasure Island" you can buy unusual items made of glass, wood and clay, as well as exclusive jewelry made of leather. An unusual showcase in the form of a wooden boat, located in the center of the store and filled with gems, and beckons to sit on the ledge, typing a handful of radiant, smooth, cool pebbles. Friendly consultants can talk about the properties of any stone and help you choose the right one. Thus, shopping leads to aesthetic pleasure and always leaves the desire to return again.

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