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Do you decide to protect your iPhone from cracks and scratches, pasting on it a reliable protective glass and putting on the most beautiful cover? To you in the Techno Hedgehog! Do you want to hear the latest acoustic news from JBL? You are definitely in the Techno Hedgehog! Are you rushing to your friends for your birthday and forgotten the monopod? Do not worry, come to us and we'll take care of everything! In the network of trading islands "Techno Hedgehog" you can always find not only Apple products, but also all necessary accessories, as well as GoPro action cameras, various acoustic systems from JBL, Harman / Kardon, headphones, and much more. Thanks to the high qualification of our staff, here you can also use repair services, download applications, test and configure your gadgets, or just get the necessary advice. Something not found? No problem! Take a look at our online store.

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