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China (DreamTown 1)

May 25, a skating rink from 9:25 to 10:25 will be closed for a mass visit.

Dream Town has one of the best ice rinks in Kiev, built in accordance with the latest technologies, using the most advanced equipment.

The area of ​​the ice rink is 1193 square meters, which makes possible to feel free in movements and maneuvers for all visitors. At the same time can skate 120 people. There is a place for professionals and beginners.

Near the ice rink there are cozy cafes, where you can drink coffee, and watch your relatives or friends ride under the lights of the northern lights.

When you come to the ice rink in Dream Town, you are instantly in the snow fairy tale: you fly over ice over snowy trees, snowstorms and snowstorms, and at the end of the session you will see snowflakes circling with you in the winter dance.

Located in the shopping center Dream Town 1 part, 3rd floor, Atrium China.

For all questions, please call us: (067) 324-58-77

By 10:00, the entrance to the ice rink is either from the main entrance of the Dream Town on the side of the metro station "Minska", or from the first side entrance from the side of the metro station "Obolon" (atrium Hollywood).

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