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China (DreamTown 1)

The SPA-procedure with fishes is extremely simple: after cleaning your feet with a damp towel, you drop your feet in an aquarium with warm water, about 30 degrees. In such water, the skin becomes mild, and the fish begin their work with enthusiasm. Fishy peeling is like splash.
Hundreds of small fish are very delicate and selectively handle the skin where it really is needed. Their saliva contains a special enzyme that makes the skin smooth and elastic, slows down the curing and peeling processes.
Harra Rufa's Fishes are great cosmetologists. They clean and rejuvenate the skin, giving it a healthy look and a fresh, beautiful color. Their touch is a massage that improves blood circulation, has a calming effect on the central nervous system, relieves swelling and fatigue in the legs. During the procedure, there is complete relaxation and significant psychological discharges.
In Harra Rufa's teeth there are no teeth, they use only their lips to remove the honeycomb skin cells, the feeling of the procedure of the phish massage resembles a splash. The uniqueness of this method is its complete naturalness and simplicity - no chemistry, only nature. Sterility of water in an aquarium with fish is carried out at the expense of a professional filtration system and ultraviolet sterilization, which excludes the possibility of transmission of skin diseases.
It should also be noted that the fish themselves are not the carriers of various diseases and do not cause allergies, as there is no damage to the skin during the procedure of ichthyomassage. Skin is not peculiar to the disease that could be transmitted to man, this is due, including the anatomical and physiological properties of fish , as they are cold-blooded creatures.
The above facts are confirmed by the permission of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station (SES), which makes it possible to carry out procedures of ichthyomassage.
Fishy peeling is forbidden for clients who have skin diseases, burns, strong scratches and bleeding sores on their legs.
Such procedures have been successfully practiced in spa salons in Europe and the USA since 2006.
Now Harra Rufus has finally become available in Ukraine. Our Fish Massage salons offer you Harra Ruf's feet massage.

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